Coverton offers a variety of supporting management services. Our goal is always the same: “To create added value by giving pragmatic and continuously advanced management advice in a clear framework.”  We can assist you with:

You can divide our services into three groups: operational management, compliance services and project management. Our area’s of expertise are:

Operational management

  • Facility management: You want to optimize your supporting services like handy men, maintenance and cleaning.
  • IT management: You improve your IT processes, procurement or data and you want help with that.
  • Optimizing operational processes: Working harder helps to achieve goals but working smarter is more efficient.

Compliance services

  • Assisting the ISO 9001 and VCA certification process: your company wants to get certified but you don’t have the time or experience.
  • Transport manager road haulage: We help you with all legislation concerning commercial road transportation.
  • Transport manager passenger transport: We assist you with all the paperwork for commercial passenger transports.
  • Safety advisor ADR: We support you in managing your dangerous goods transports
  • Data protection and information security : data is the essence of every company but it’s rarely well protected

Project management

  • Move management: You need assistance preparing and executing move projects of offices, archives and warehouses.

Why should you enlist the services of Coverton? If you have a question, do not hesitate to contact us.