Management consultants help organisations to solve problems. They create more value to maximize growth.   and improve business performance. We use an arsenal of skills to formulate an objective opinion, to bring expertise, and helping an organization to develop specific skills that may not already have.

We are actively engaged in the strategy, structure, management and operational side of the organization. We indicate opportunities for the organization and offer proposals for improvement. The main focus of Coverton is operational management. With an extensive experience in the field of operational management, we assist you in reorganizing departments and improving processes.

Imagine you have a huge customer database. You have the usage statistics of your website where 25 percent of your orders are generated. Finally you have the usage statistics of the newsletters you send out multiple times a week. Unfortunately none of these systems are linked so you don’t have a complete image of your customers. Imagine what you could know an do when these systems are linked? That’s just an example where Coverton a be of assistance.

Coverton can support you in:

  • Operational organization: how can you maximize your available resources?
  • Digital transformation: are you ready for the next 10 years? Or did your processes change very little?
  • Hazardous goods: do you have any questions about hazardous goods and how to transport them?
  • Vehicles: do you have questions regarding your fleet? We can assist with planning and remote management of your fleet.

By working within a clear framework we help you in a structured manner. If you need assistance, we can do so with any of the above matters. Do not hesitate to contact us.