Coverton provides interim management and management consultancy purposefully within a clear framework because we believe that this is essential for our services.  We offer this service in several different ways:

The framework (scope) for a job is very important. The clearer this context, the greater the chances of success for the assignment. Therefore, from the very beginning, we determine the stated object S.M.A.R.T. This guarantees success within the predetermined outlines such as with time and budget. The first part of the objective is stated.

Once we have the objective for the assignment clearly laid out we determine of the job falls with the scope of services that Coverton works in. In order to provide value, we need to be able to perform contracts according to our standards. Not all organizations are compatible. This is not a problem but a choice. Coverton works with organizations that have the same framework of values. This is our second requirement within the framework.

Our expertise determines the third framework. We help you as far as our expertise allows. Coverton specializes in improving business processes, improving quality and safety, improving operations in service sectors and answering questions regarding shipments and hazardous goods.

We define in very clear terms, solutions to rectify any possible situation. This allows for everyone to focus on what’s important. Contrary to what you might think, this approach encourages coming up with alternatives for a lot of management issues. Clear frameworks enhance creativity to reach a final solution.

If you have any questions why you should enlist the services of Coverton, do not hesitate to contact us . We would be happy to go over any details in a face to face meeting.