Governance challenges are more present than ever. The moment that shareholder value was the only driving force of an organisation is history. The value of stakeholders has gained influence over the last decade. But we are not there yet. Both in corporate and non-corporate organisations, boards are focussing on sustainable leadership. But some topics remain challenging. Do we need total transparency or not? How do non-financial criteria compare to financial criteria? In corporate settings, boards and their advisors have considered these topics for two to three decades. And more practices of good governance are becoming standard.

Governance in Healthcare

In non-corporate settings, governance is still relatively new. In healthcare, transparency in healthcare providers’ management was nearly non-existent until a decade ago. Many board members of healthcare providers were appointed without proper knowledge of finance or the required experience. The current trend is that being a board member of a healthcare provider comes with obligations. It is more and more seen as a profession. Healthcare providers need competent and qualified board members just as hard as any corporate organisation.

Compared to corporate organisations, healthcare organisations are lagging behind in governance but don’t worry. They are catching up fast.

How we can help you

Coverton helps healthcare providers with training and advice on governance challenges. We have developed several master classes on governance topics like collaboration with other organisations, working with committees, differences in governance between Belgium and the Netherlands, etc. We are continuously expanding our range of master classes. If you are interested in a specific topic, let’s contact you, and we will let you know how we can assist you.

In addition to master classes, Coverton also provides advice on governance challenges. These challenges include, among others, advice on organisational structures, economic feasibility of existing or new services, evaluation of current internal rules and procedures, recommendations for management and supervisory oversight. We advise organisations on urgent or delicate matters that affect (supervisory) boards.

Additionally, we conduct research in the field of governance in healthcare. The academic field of governance is often focussing on corporate environments. Governance in healthcare is still a rather new discipline. We believe we can better serve our clients by gaining more insights from research.

Other topics

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