Coverton offers support to healthcare organisations and governments to improve healthcare delivery. The healthcare industry is extensive. That’s why we consciously decided to specialise in three niches at the intersection of care, management and technology. Our goal remains the same. Creating added value with pragmatic and innovative management advice that gives healthcare providers more breathing space to do what they are good at, taking care of patients.

We assist healthcare providers with the following services:

  • Improving efficiency of healthcare
  • New care business models
  • Data and digital transformation in healthcare

Improving efficiency of healthcare

Healthcare has become an increasing part of the budget of governments and citizens. Over the last twenty years, this cost has increased faster than inflation. Consequently, we are confronted with the limitations of the current healthcare systems. Healthcare providers are pushed more and more to provide better care at a lower cost. We assist you in improving the value of care by combining cost optimisation, increasing available capacity and improving the quality of care.

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New care business models

How do healthcare providers remain relevant? It seems a trivial question, but it definitely is not. In a labour market with a shortage of healthcare professionals to fulfil all the needs, a suitable business model is what healthcare providers need to remain relevant and sustainable over time. Together with healthcare providers, we look to make the organisational strong points profitable while reducing the impact of the organisation’s weaker points.

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Data and digital transformation in healthcare

Healthcare without data has become unthinkable. And yet, technology and healthcare are not always the most straightforward combination. Healthcare processes are not necessarily more complicated than in other industries, but combining many processes and stakeholders makes digitisation in healthcare a challenge. Another challenge is to develop policy and strategy based on large quantities of patient and process data collected in healthcare. We help you develop a digital strategy and interpret your data.

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When you need assistance with one of the services mentioned above, we can help you. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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