Every corporate organisation has several official documents that must be accessible to everyone. Also, Coverton has such documents. To make things convenient for our visitors, we have collected these documents on one page.

Official documents of Coverton

Here you find a link to:

  • Our terms and conditions We believe these terms and conditions are important as they indicate how we work with our customers and suppliers.
  • Our Privacy policy Privacy is more important than ever, so we wrote our policy as easy as possible.
  • Our cookies policy. These days, every website uses cookies, including ours. We find it vital that you know how we use this technology and, even more important, how not.

Almost all official documents have a legal element. And legal documents are not known for their easy readability. Please let us know if you find sentences in our official documents that are unclear to you. We want to engage openly and transparently with our visitors, clients, and suppliers. That’s why we need your help too.

If you have questions about these documents, do not hesitate to contact us.