A high service level is the key to a sustainable relationship with our customers. Our fields of action are quality, safety, people and their environment. Coverton bvba continuously improves to better collaborate with all our stakeholders.

Coverton bvba commits to uphold the current and future legislation and the demands of our customers  and to apply the principles of efficient management.


Qualitative service is inadmissible for a sustainable collaboration with our customers and suppliers. Coverton bvba ensures day to day quality with a quality management system.  It permanently improves the service levels to provide an uniform, correct and professional service that meets the expectations of customers and suppliers even in fluctuating circumstances.

Coverton bvba want to offer services in a standardized way.  To achieve this, Coverton bvba has implemented a quality management system that is compliant with the demands of ISO 9001:2015.

The quality manual, available on demand, describes the quality management system and the way objectives have to be achieved. Every staff member of Coverton bvba has been given the assignment to achieve these goals by applying the systems and procedures as set out in the quality manual.


People are the key to our success. It’s important to create the ideal surroundings for the right people to enable them to work in a professional way with a correct and a market-oriented remuneration.

Sustainability can only be achieved by treating people respectfully.  Therefore, Coverton bvba ensures that not only her employees but also her subcontractors are compliant with current legislation.

Coverton bvba respects human rights and actively fights discrimination. ISO 26000 will serve as guideline and aid to apply this in daily life.


The impact of our services on the environment is limited. Nevertheless does Coverton bvba have an eye for all side effects and in the near future we want to reduce the impact on the environment structurally and significantly.


Safety is the fourth field of action of Coverton bvba. It’s unthinkable to achieve the points above without paying attention to safety. Therefore Coverton bvba is committed to take the necessary actions to ensure the safety of people (injuries) and the direct environment ( damages to goods and nature).  To enshrine the concepts of safety, Coverton bvba engages to become certified as a VCA petrochemie.

On behalf of Coverton bvba

Jef Hendrickcx

Managing Director